Teenage driver safety campaign

Research over many decades has provided us with a good understanding of the underlying factors for the complex issue of teenage pregnancy and reasonable evidence. Distraction from friends has been all over the news lately as a huge factor in teen crashes, but as this video demonstrates, passengers are also in a position to. Im not getting pulled over for someone not wearing their. A teenage driver safety video, speak up to slow down was created in hopes of saving future teenage lives in light of the campbellsport crash. Oct 18, 2016 the sudden impact louisiana program at university medical center new orleans is teaming up with the national highway traffic safety administration nhtsa during national teen driver safety week, october 1622, to promote the 5 to drive campaign, encouraging parents to talk to their teen drivers about the rules of the road when they are behind the wheel. Driveithome is an initiative of the national safety council, designed by and for parents of newly licensed teen drivers. Nhtsa s teen driving site contains information on states driver licensing requirements for teens as well as ideas and resources to help youthe parentslay down the ground rules with your aspiring driver before you hand over the car keys. Teens with a permit must be accompanied by a driving instructor, parent, legal guardian or a licensed adult 21 years of age or older authorized by parentguardian in the front seat, buckled up. Cbs4 the colorado department of transportation and the colorado state patrol launched a teen driver safety campaign on tuesday. Through research, community partnerships, state safety grant programs, and public awareness campaigns such as national teen driver safety week, nhtsa demonstrates its dedication to promoting safe teen driving.

A list of counties will be provided at the bottom of each. Under our teen driving topic, youll find resources about safe driving behaviors and graduated driver licensing. Create a positive teentoteen safe driving campaign reinforcing safe decisions and reducing distracted driving at your school. Cuomo today launched the no empty chair teen driving safety education and enforcement campaign to raise awareness of highway dangers during prom and graduation season. Among crashes attributed to a critical teen driver error, 21 percent of serious teen driver crashes were due to driving too fast for road conditions. Department of transportation s national highway traffic safety administration nhtsa this week unveiled a new campaign that challenges parents. Parents are the key to safe teen drivers parents are the. Resources port washington high school online drivers. Safety center provides important safety education for children, teens and adults to keep them safe in the community, on the road and on the job.

Weve launched a handy toolkit that explains more about the campaign. May 23, 2016 teenage pregnancy is considered a key indicator of adolescent health for good reason. Driveithome offers free resources parents can use to help their teen build experience to become safer drivers. The national highway traffic safety administration sponsors teen driver safety week each year in october. In addition, youll find personal stories shared by parents, insights for new moms and dads, ways to get involved and take action, and more. The title reflects a call to action, and urges both parents and teenagers to embrace the message to speak up to slow down after. The driver will get the ticket for minors in the car not buckled up. Parents are the key, a campaign from the centers for disease control and prevention cdc, helps parents, pediatricians, and communities keep teen drivers safe on the road. Nhtsa unveils 5 to drive teen safety campaign to reduce. A teenage driver and their parents can sign a driving agreement, check out teen driver laws by state, and read all the amazing information in the driver coaching guide. Additionally, nhtsa encourages teens and adults to take and keep the distracted driving pledge, a campaign to help end distracted driving and encourage. The new 5 to drive campaign is being launched to coincide with national teen driver safety week, october 2026, 20. Another way to help keep rates lower is to seek out a company that rewards safe driving habits.

National teen driver safety week traffic safety marketing. Young drivers need a lot of time and practice to develop safe, defensive driving skills as well as confidence behind the wheel. The goal of the monthlong campaign is to use interactive activities and positive messaging to reach the entire student body with smart driving messages. Sep 23, 2014 the staggering cost to insure a teenage driver. Test your knowledge of teen driver safety with this short quiz. Teenage driver safety campaign chippewa county, wi. These rules address the greatest dangers for teen drivers. Teaching your teen to drive can be a stressful time. More dangers of speeding statistics speeding was a factor in 26 percent of all traffic fatalities in 2018, killing 9,378 people, an average of over 25 per day. This safety training program is designed to help newer drivers learn and practice safe driving habits.

At the beginning of the safety campaign, average seat belt use among teen drivers was 47% and 59% for the spring and fall, respectively. Safety is our highest priority, especially when it comes to teens, who are often our least experienced drivers, said u. The safe kids blog covers a wide range of safety topics, offering valuable tips for parents and caregivers to help you keep your kids safe. In an effort to fight distracted driving and raise public awareness during national teen driver safety week, october 1925, the california department of transportation caltrans is joining with the o. Under our teen driving topic, youll find resources about safe driving behaviors and graduated driver licensing gdl laws developed for parents and caregivers of teens. Not sure if your school is part of the southern, northern, or central area contest. They can limit the radio volume to 44 percent of maximum, require that the drivers seat belt be fastened before the radio will play, and ensure that safety systems such as. Teenage driver safety campaign danger of peer pressure.

This week and every week, parents should have conversations with their teens about the important rules they need to follow to stay safe behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Chp launches distracted teen driver safety campaign menlo. Nhtsa unveils 5 to drive campaign for teen driver safety. They are responsible for the safety of anyone in that vehicle. Dangers of teen speeding teen driver safety teen driver. To learn more about national teen driver safety week, visit the parachute site. Teen driving restrictions colorado department of transportation. Through its multidisciplinary teen driving safety research program, the center for injury research and prevention cirp at the childrens hospital of philadelphia research institute is working to reduce the frequency and severity of motor vehicle crashes involving teens behind the wheel.

State and local law enforcement will participate in the weeklong, multiagency campaign which will run from monday, april 18 through friday, april 22. Teen drivers florida highway safety and motor vehicles. The click it or ticket campaign by txdot is helping to raise awareness for seat belt use and driver safety amongst teenagers in texas. Speak up to slow down as a teen, probably the worst possible situation to be in is one in which you have to tell your friend to stop doing something. Parents should discuss with their teens the dangers associated with speeding. Port washington high school online drivers education course. Help us raise money to produce forensic crash animations. Adtsea has also created the first tiresafety training module for driving instructors, which will run alongside it. The report, reducing risks for teen drivers, shares facts and insights gained from surveying teens and their parents directly. Teenage drivers the national work zone safety information. Click it or ticket brings awareness to teenage driver safety. The teen driver safety research team at childrens hospital of philadelphia is proud to partner with teens, parents and organizations that work to prepare teens for a lifetime of safe driving.

Youtube stars join teen driver tire safety campaign. In the driving manuals section, you can find resources to help you study for your knowledge and skills tests. Speak up to slow down focuses on teen driving dangers, and the result of speed and distractions. The rules of the road apply to drivers of all ages, but there are certain additional restrictions that all teen drivers need to know. The title reflects a call to action, and urges both parents and teenagers to embrace the message to speak up to slow down after learning what happened that fateful night. Follow these tips to help instill solid, safedriving practices. Jul 06, 2017 fords mykey system lets parents turn on speed warnings 45, 55, and 65 mph and limit the cars maximum speed when its being driven with the teens key fob. National teen driver safety week ntdsw is an annual public awareness campaign aimed at educating young drivers about road safety and calling upon them to help reduce distracted and drug impaired driving. Teen drivers florida department of highway safety and motor.

Campbellsport teen sentenced in fatal crash youtube. Jan 26, 2007 when it is a friend who speaks up, a teenage driver will listen because they dont want to damage the friendship or be labeled a bad driver. Teenage boys will be targeted in the campaign with the message that they will be expected to support any children whom they father. One of the most important safety features for your teen driver is you.

Required 50 hours of supervised driving, 10 of which must be at night. The staggering cost to insure a teenage driver forbes. We need your help in supporting these valuable programs. It includes key messages, social media posts, and newsletter copy. England launches campaign on teenage pregnancies the bmj.

There is a post and graphic for every day of the teen driver safety week campaign. National teen driver safety week is october 1824, 2020. Governor cuomo announces no empty chair enforcement and. The research specifically looks at risky behaviors like buckling up, texting, driving with teen passengers, speeding, drinking and driving in the dark.

New social media campaign aims to remind teenage drivers of. Parents are the biggest influencers on their teen drivers, even if you think they arent listening. Please explore this site, use its researchbased tools, and share its resources with others. Drunk driving teen causes accident involving over 14.

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