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Now 50 60 fps even in low settings and lowest resoultion. Running the game on ultra at 1080p got me a solid 60fps. If you have questions about my obs settings, feel free to ask me. How to show the fps in battlefield 4 on pc diary of dennis. A helicopter just buzzed over my head, thirty feet above the ground. It only sometimes dips to 4550 fps on guilin peaks. Battlefield 1 running at ultra settings,1080p, 60 fps with. Battlefield 1 looks freakin amazing, especially at 4k 60fps and 3440x1440 on an ultrawide display. Marines where they will experience heartpounding single player missions and competitive multiplayer actions ranging across diverse. I also get 50 60 % on other maps like metro, bizaar, ext but only see 5060fps.

Battlefield 3 ultra native 3840x2160p 4k60fps test youtube. Battlefield 3 ultra settings, no aa 8k rtx 2080 ti i9. If you have multiple monitors, this setting allows you to select which one to use as your primary display monitor for bf3 fullscreen resolution. Star wars battlefront 2015 system requirements system. Borderlands 2 and gtx 1080 ti ty fps guru3d forums.

Check in game video settings are not limited to 60fps in the video options. If your pc is fairly highend, you will see the frame rate exceed 60 fps some of the time youre playing. The mouthpiece of the gaming generation, the escapist aims to capture and celebrate the contemporary video gaming lifestyle and the diverse global video game culture by way of indepth features, thought provoking articles and relevant columns authored by leading video game authorities, as well as cuttingedge video shorts, engaging forums and robust social media elements that incorporate. So, here is how you can enable the fps display in bf 4 how to display the fps in battlefield 4. Also hdmi and some dvi cables are limited to 60 fps. Something is limiting your fps to 60 by the look of it. I could even raise several settings to medium or high, but then it starts to frequently drop below 60 fps a bit, but id rather have the optimum for my 60hz monitor. Ive been playing battlefield 3 on this pc for a while, i have 45 hours of gameplay and never had an issue like this. Battlefield v system requirements can i run battlefield. But now i cant play, the fps is too low, there is too much lag. Im just wondering if my pc can run on ultra settings, i just recently converted from xbox 360 and i have no clue what the requirements are to run ultra settings. This happens most when youre inside a building without much action going on.

One of the major factors to consider when choosing a new display is the resolution. If your playing 60 fps and your fps drops to a low of 45 fps your still playing smooth. Discussion in frontpage news started by hilbert hagedoorn, jul 15. Battlefield 3 8k pc max settings 8k 60fps titan rtx sli. At a time when youtubes subpar video compression has become the norm for most people on the internet, we refuse to give up quality without a fight. See what games origin and playstation plus want to give you for free, quantum break gets a release date, and we get shadow. Battlefield 3 gtx 1050 ti ultra settings 1080p youtube. I have a 4 gb gtx 970 ssc and an fx8350, i can barely hold 60 fps, even on high settings. Battlefield 3 tehran ultra settings 60 fps tank grafic test gameplay bf3 gtx 580. A lot of people in here never played battlefield 3 before so i thought of a short configurationsettings helpthread. You can open the console in battlefield 4 with the tilde. Mesh quality looks to be the only setting that says it affects draw distance, but increasing it. Future frame rendering off, ambient occlusion off put one more 8gb memory, dual channel with 16gb, more 510 fps with better gameplay.

Battlefield hardline will render at the same resolution used for battlefield 4. Battlefield 3 torrent pc game download my fun lab battlefield 3 pc, gaming posters. Battlefield 3 gtx 1060 ultra settings 1080p youtube. The hd content we provide always respects the original resolution and framerate of the games we capture, making gamersyde the one and only place to get 1080p4k60fps videos with high bitrate. Ok, ive just bmd batman arkham city and couldnt maintain a steady 60 fps. One of the most useful options in battlefield 4 is to display your frame rate.

Use this console command to limit fps in battlefield 3. The card runs smooth and silent but there is a thing which worries me. The games listed are played on 720p resolution with low or medium aa preferably fxaa batman arkham asylum ultra 60 fps physx on debris only batman arkham city ultra 60 fps physx on debris only batman arkham origins ultra dx 10 60 fps phys. The general video settings can be found on the left side of the video tab, and are covered below. When i do some benchmarks or just stress tests the card has a 99100% gpu workload over the whole time with a 70. As you adjust your video settings, its good to know the impact changes have on the games performance. The mentioned things here will help you to get aware about your fps. The reason settings dont matter much i think is that the game is very cpu dependant. Battlefield 5 is set during world war 2 and focuses on the unseen locations and untold stories of ww2. Some people report more fps, others fpsloss, andor increasingdecreasing maploading times. Im sure if you torrent stream 60fps opm 1080p youd get tons of hits. All cutscenes included and all loading screens and deaths. Not only does the game look fantastic, but it runs like a dream at 1080p and 1440p on all of the graphics cards we have tested today. Tried fallout 4 with the ultra hd textures and was pulling 110fps.

Jan 8, 20 explore antoniobears board battlefield 3 pc game, followed by. Battlefield hardline may end up using the same resolution settings as battlefield 4 on playstation 4 and xbox one. I have a gtx 680, which is almost the same but a bit weaker than your card, and i also get between 5070 fps on ultra settings. How to watch anime in 60fps you will never go back. This will be a short collection of tweaksguides on how to configurate bf3 to get decent fps and minimal inputlag. Compromises had to be made with the effects, undergrowth, and postprocess quality. To enable 60fps viewing you need chrome or safari 8 and you need to watch in 720p or 1080p some battlefield 3 footage in 60fps.

Battlefield 3 pc performance bf3 fps optimization tips. If your playing at 30 or 45 fps and your low dips into the 20 or lower you will begin to stutter and experience jerkiness. Also check video card settings in windows as well as the monitor refresh rate. Check out some performance and gameplay from battlefield 3 using ultra settings, minus anti aliasing as this is being played at 8k which it is not necessary.

Battlefield 3 on pc lagging and very low fps, even. Battlefield 3 f18 mission ultra settings 60fps duration. Ignotum all in ultra 1440p 140110fps, in some maps 90 as minimum depends all effects. It never left 99fps, and gpu usage was 60 %70% entire time. Postprocess low, vertical synchronization off, texture filtering high, to get more fps. Nvidias gtx 950 is a highly capable, goodvalue gpu for 1080p. Battlefield 3 system requirements can i run battlefield. The gtx 1080 ti is almost powerful enough to handle battlefield 1 at max detail, at 4k resolution. Maybe i will do a tutorial on how to setup obs for 60 fps game recording.

Core i74500u, 8 gb ram, geforce gt 750m driver version 347. From that point on, the fps number in the top right should never. Dices upcoming shooter battlefield 4 will run at 60 frames per second on the xbox one, the developer said today during microsofts 20 electronic entertainment expo briefing. Battlefield 1 real life mode ultra hd 60fps guru3d.

Hello everyone, second video benchmark this time on battlefield 3, max settings everything on ultra on noshahr canals map benchmark can. Bf1 poor fps on my 1080ti page 4 overclockers uk forums. Bf3 noshahr canals 60 fps on ultra full hd60fps youtube. This is with only high settings, i can run ultra but it depending on what settings i set to ultra it makes it choppy. Star wars battlefront 2015 system requirements, star wars battlefront 2015 minimum requirements and recommended requirements, can you run star wars battlefront 2015, specs. Full playthrough without commentary in full hd at 60 fps with graphics set to ultra. It was moving quickly, skirting around a hill, firing its main gun at an enemy i couldnt see. Evga gtx 1070 ftw only 40% gpu workload in bf4 on ultra. Ive got myself an ultrawide 2560 1080p monitor, now i need to updrage my gpu. Battlefield 3 requires at least a radeon hd 6950 or geforce gtx 560 to meet recommended requirements running on high graphics setting, with 1080p resolution. Even at 1440p, you can expect to hit 60 frames per second. I wanted to adjust and tweak the game without the automatic settings. A4tech v8ma bloody ultra gaming gear 8 button mouse.

This determines the resolution of the game image, measured by the number of pixels horizontally and vertically e. I would like to upload them but my internet is really slow about 0. I dont recommend optimize games with geforce experience because with my 1080ti sc2 the resolution scale to 150 or more heh, i hadnt thought of that. Battlefield 3 gameplay pc ultra settings hd 1080p youtube. What are the optimal video settings for spotting infantry. Battlefield 3 on nosehair canals at ultra settings in 1080p sorry for low quality recording. Hello everyone, second video benchmark this time on battlefield 3, max settings everything on ultra on noshahr canals map benchmark can change on different maps with 32 players in tdm mode. Command to show fps in bf2 if this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above. When you enter a town the cpu has to deal with all the npcs and stuff, so fps will suffer as it struggles to feed the gpu at the same time. Battlefield 1 bf1 1080p ultra settings dx11 gtx 970 80fps.

In battlefield 3, players step into the role of the elite u. Battlefield 1 running at 4k 60fps maxed out on titan x. Im finding it difficult to spot enemy soldiers dang camo. Hello, a few days ago i received my evga gtx 1070 ftw. Anything higher it just looks fucking weird, literally almost like cgi. As the screenshot can attest, the game is beautiful at those settings just bear in mind this is singleplayer performance online play will be harder on both the cpu and gpu.

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